Of all the common graces in the world, food is one of the most basic and delightful. We consume food not only as fuel but for fun.  Food can often speak for us when our tongues are tied.  Food can cause a smile to break through a clouded brow or bring to mind a lost memory of a loved one from our past.  We at bbbop want to grace you with our words, our smiles, our memories... our food.


People: you gotta love them or hate them.  They inspire us; they crush us. They are the reason why we sing love songs or go to war.  You sacrifice for them or you sacrifice them, but you cannot remain neutral.  We at bbbop believe in people and whether you work for us or we work for you, we strive to "love our neighbor as ourselves" in the little and the big, on and in-between the lines of everyday life.

Beasts of the Serengeti have watering holes, honey bees have hives, we humans have tables. We come together to play, plan, pray, work, wag our tongues and break our bread around the table.  We at bbbop take our tables seriously.  No two tables are alike.  Each table expresses something unique, something curious, something meaningful.  And every table is an open invitation to enter into the grace of what we have to offer.