bbbop Seoul Kitchen to Open Next Monday on Lowest Greenville

“Brother and sister co-owners Steve Shin and Sandra Bussey were raised in the Dallas area by Korean parents. They grew up eating Korean food but it wasn’t until they took their first trip to Korea in 2001, that they started to grasp how few options of this type of food were made available in the states. Shin says, ‘It wasn’t until we actually visited Korea that we realized how diverse, complicated, and amazing the food can be. We wanted to bring the cuisine to the mainstream diner in Dallas and make it more accessible and affordable but not deviate from quality of ingredients or customer service.’ Bbbop is Korean comfort food with a modern twist – a Korean-American eating experience. Shin continues, ‘With Sandra and Greg’s culinary vision help, the recipes have evolved tremendously throughout even just the past several months. The design of the new restaurant is also representative of the direction we are going in – more comfortable interior and more design-focused than the other store. We have a new website, new menu, new look and new location that we are very proud to open.'”

A Look at bbbop Seoul Kitchen on Lowest Greenville

Last week we announced that Korean fusion restaurant bbbop Seoul Kitchenwill open its doors on Lower Greenville. Well, as of today the restaurant is plating up Korean rice bowls, curry fries, samosa egg rolls, fried chicken, and more.

The brand new Lower Greenville outpost has an entirely different interior design than its Upper Greenville location, and some unique menu items, too.

I stopped by last week with my camera in hand for a sneak peek. You can check out the space and a few menu items in the gallery below.