Korean Fried Chicken Lands on Lowest Greenville Courtesy of Bbbop Seoul Kitchen

Fast-casual Korean food hits Lowest Greenville next Monday with the arrival of Bbbop Seoul Kitchen(that's bee-bee-bop, no relation to the Hanson song). It's the first establishment to open in the restaurant trifecta adjacent to Trader Joe's that will also be home to Yucatan Taco Standand Rapscallion.

The Bbbop team includes a familiar name: former Victor Tangos chef Greg Bussey, who owns the place in partnership with his wife Sandy (a personal chef) and her brother Steve Shin.

It's the second outpost for Bbbop; the first is located on Upper Greenville Avenue near Lovers Lane. Expect a "modern rustic design" — lots of stainless steel, plus handmade wooden tables — and plenty of new additions to the menu, which includes rice bowls, banchan, Korean fried chicken with choice of two sauces, hand-rolled mandu (dumplings), and hallelujah, kimchi fries dressed up with an over-easy egg. Booze option include various Asian beers and cocktails made with the high-octane Korean spirit soju.

BBBop Lowest Greenville will be open daily for lunch and dinner, with hours till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Perhaps it can fill the Korean fried chicken-shaped void left in our hearts following the departure of the short-lived Bonchon?