The Kimchi Fries at BBBop Are a Glorious, Delicious Pile of Food

Generally, foods arranged in a pile have to work at being appetizing. And once everything is mushed together, flavors can occasionally get lost in translation. That's often the case with poutine, especially the fancified versions on plenty of restaurant menus. But kimchi fries, a Korean spin on the traditional delicious-stuff-piled-on-top-of-fries dish, are the food pile of your dreams.

At BBBop, you really can’t go wrong. The fried chicken is dope and the bibimbap bowls are legit (and healthy), but order the kimchi fries when you feel you deserve something special. Of course, kimchi fries aren’t traditional, but their namesake ingredient lends plenty of Korean spice to this totally indulgent dish.

BBBbop's shoestring fries provide a unique and solid foundation. They're coated in the same dry curry-ranch rub that you can order on the crispy fried chicken wings. The mixture sounds bizarre, but it works, and you’ll find yourself working on an at-home version with an ancient bottle of curry powder and a Hidden Valley Ranch packet from the back of your pantry. You will not succeed.