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Top Dallas Chefs Dish on Their Favorite Cheap Eats

Athough they spend their time whipping up complex culinary creations (or perhaps for precisely that reason), chefs of all kinds appreciate the joys of cheap eats. Whether it's tacos purchased from a dingy hole-in-the-wall or something a little more exotic, everyone likes a tasty meal that costs ten bucks or less — it's just simple economics.

We pretty much already trust the kitchen masterminds that run this city's best restaurants to provide the best restaurant recommendations, so why should cheap eats be excluded? (Aftera ll, many of the top chefs today spent plenty of years as broke, overworked sous chefs and cooks.) We asked some of Dallas' best chefs where they like to eat when they've only got a few bucks in their wallets.

SANDY BUSSEY, BBBop Seoul Kitchen

At her own fast-casual joints in Dallas, Sandy Bussey's cuisine fuses a variety of influences. But when she's looking for something a little more authentic, she heads to King's Noodle in Richardson. "You can't go wrong with the beef noodle soup or the za jiang mein (fried, saucy noodles), and you can get out of there without spending more than 8 bucks, she says. Be warned — King's Noodle is a cash-only spot, so be sure to hit an ATM beforehand.