We—the folks behind the counter at bbbopare more than just a bunch of business women/men after the almighty, bottom-line buck.  No, we are an odd, eclectic collection of creative lovers: lovers of beauty, culture, art, film, friends, our families, etc... and FOOD.  Yes, we hand-craft our menu with the experience and skill of trained culinary chefs, and, yes, we have about 40 years of restaurant and food service industry experience spread out among us, but beyond all that, what really makes bbbop "tick" is our willingness to bring our love of diversity to all that we do. From our takos to our tables, from our “Get in My Belly Pork Belly” to our “build your own bowls"—we are not afraid to "mix it up" and have fun while we do it. With each bite from every bowl, we welcome you to come taste and see the fusion, flavors, and ethos of bbbop.  Mix it Up!